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About us


Food. Health. Happiness.


Since its inception, ARASCO's mission has been to support sustainable food and water security in the Kingdom and the region

Food and water security is such a highly sensitive priority for any nation; it can be achieved only through self empowerment. Twenty Eight (28) years ago ARASCO took up this challenge and started functioning as an enabler of the food supply chain which now has become a group of six SBUs to secure sustainable food and water resources in Saudi Arabia.

Aspiring to be the main enabler of a sustainable environment friendly food supply chain, and to become an important player in the food sector in Saudi Arabia; we are working with utmost care and attention, bearing in mind that our activities should economically and socially be value-adding in the long-term.

Early on, ARASCO had the unique insight that sustainable growth of business and profit will not flourish without the sustainability and rational use of natural resources as well as harmony with the society's values and culture.

 Today, we differentiate ourselves through highly professional best industry practices, leveraging positive values to interact with people and the environment towards empowering our society in an increasingly globalized world.

We assume responsibility towards the success of our partners, customers, suppliers, shareholders and all stakeholders through developing research capabilities that enable us to innovate and improve the quality of food products in and outside the Kingdom.


Out of a belief that change is inevitable to overcome challenges, we perceive emerging problems as favorable opportunities to acquire more knowledge and positive transformation as circumstances and data flow.


Supporting life through food quality

Established in 1983, ARASCO began its activities by providing agricultural services and has steadily evolved since then into one of the most prominent national companies, ranking among the largest 60 companies in the Kingdom.

ARASCO aspires to be the backbone of food security in the Kingdom and the region with a leading role in filling the large food gap in the Middle East. It strives to support the supply chain of food production to produce and enable others to produce food in sustainable, high quality quantities, with lowest possible cost neither upsetting water security nor harming the environment.

Our business is currently concentrated in producing compound feed, poultry, agricultural inputs, raw food supplies as well as logistic, technical, analytical and advisory services.

ARASCO's Evolution

Inception (1983-1986):


ARASCO was founded in 1983. Its activities were initially limited to the areas of transport and storage services in support of the then booming wheat sector because of encouragement and subsidy support by the government. Its transport and handling capacity were ranging within the limits of 260 tons/hour.

Engaging Animal Feed Sector (1987-1997):

The beginning of 1987 witnessed ARASCO's strategic decision to enter the feed sector, raising its capital to more than four times to keep pace with the bold move. The feed mill came into operation in late 1987 with a production capacity of 30 tons/hour and a storage capacity of up to 50,000 tons. The company's success in marketing fodder prompted management to take another important decision to raise production capacity by 80% to 54 tons/hour, and the building of a silos system at King Abdulaziz port, Dammam to raise the adequacy of the supply chain, making ARASCO in late 1997, as the largest producer of feed in the Kingdom.

The Expansion Phase (1997-2008):

At this stage ARASCO expanded its business activities by creating Strategic Business Units (SBUs) that serve the heterogeneous food supply chain, including the acquisition of Al-Emar International in 1997, the largest supplier and distributor of plant inputs in the Kingdom. In 2000, Dammam feed plant was inaugurated putting production capacity of Kharj and Dammam plants at 200 tons per hour.

ARCHEM the manufacturer of Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP) was also inaugurated to support the industry, along with ARASCO Food with its poultry brand "Entaj", followed by Corn Products and the Analytical Laboratories - IDAC to raise the standards of food quality and safety of livestock, plant and food sectors.

Thanks to ARASCO's ability to take bold decisions, successes continued to push calculated expansion forward towards completing all its projects, adding new industrial facilities and services while developing new methods and human capabilities.

Set for the Goal (2008 - 2020):

ARASCO is focused at this stage on reinforcing its logistical, administrative and financial capabilities while applying the latest specialized software to automate and update its systems. By linking these systems to enhance the services and products, it hopes to drive its expansion and diversity through harnessing the synergic nature of the company's six business units.

With these rapid but steady steps, ARASCO aims at becoming the chief enabler of the food supply chain in the entire region with the onset of year 2020.

ARASCO's Mission

Supporting food security in the Kingdom and the region in sustainable way



      Supporting long-term sustainable KSA food production

      Based upon renewable resources

      In harmony with the fragile environment and the limited water and agricultural resources in the Kingdom


      KSA cannot grow its own food requirements – we have to import raw materials and process within the Kingdom

      Ensuring security of the food chain for the Kingdom

      Minimizing our dependence on others


      Our prime focus is the Kingdom

      Our secondary focus is to leverage our capabilities for the benefit of our neighbors in the Middle East Region




To be the chief enabler of the food supply chain in the Kingdom and the region in general.

Our Values

ARASCO performs its various activities with utmost professionalism, while being active and interacting with its society, through consolidating the following values:

The straightway:

The company and its employees are committed to honesty, integrity, decency along with professional manners and practices both internally and externally.


We respect all, and uphold the principals of justice, appreciation and equal opportunities.


The company is committed to its responsibilities towards society, its stakeholders and the environment. We care for the environment and support all efforts to keep it clean while ensuring rational usage of natural resources.

Students of Business:

ARASCO is a permanent student of business school, with a mindset of continuous development and positive transformation.

ARASCO Strategic Strength:

ARASCO is privileged with an array of advantages that strengthens its position in the markets where it is active, including the following:

Tightly Integrated and Related Portfolio:

ARASCO owns a portfolio of tightly integrated Strategic Business Units (SBUs). This allows ARASCO to add value by exploiting synergies between the businesses to optimize the overall portfolio.

Saudi Management Leadership:

Saudis dominate the top management positions in ARASCO. This gives it stability in management and strengthens its ability to contribute and be in-line with the government policies and strategies.

Environmental Awareness:

Being environment friendly is one of ARASCO’s core values. It is also an important strength as it gives the ARASCO brand a competitive and popular edge for providing eco-friendly products.

Strong Supply Chain:

ARASCO enjoys all the key characteristics of a healthy and strong supply chain. It is a volume buyer of raw materials and commodities that can exert leverage on its suppliers to get the best prices. It is strategically located in both Kharj city and King Abdulaziz port, Dammam. Its key production facilities are strategically located near railways and major highways and close to major consumption centers. It has technical expertise in the storage, handling and distribution of raw materials and products.

High Tech Production Infrastructure:

ARASCO's production and processing facilities are fully modernized and equipped with advanced automation, control technologies, and sound infrastructures that can easily support future expansion. Furthermore, qualified personnel man the facilities with expertise in production, quality control, maintenance, and projects.


Strategic Business Units (SBU’s):

ARASCO practices its various developing activities through six specialized strategic business units that are synergetic in nature:


Feed production is ARASCO's main activity since inception.

ARASCO Feed milling is the largest operation of its kind in the MENA region. It owns and operates two feed mills in KSA with a combined capacity of 1.7 million tons per year.

Current upgrading and expansion of both mills will bring this capacity to 4 million tons in the near future. ARASCO produces all types of feed for poultry, dairy, livestock, and aquaculture. It also produces premixes (Vitamins and minerals) as well as DCP and MCP.

The storage systems for the feed operations, located at King Abdulaziz port, Dammam, are fully mechanized grain silos and flat warehouses integrated with the Saudi Railway Organization’s (SRO) rail system.

ARCHEM Plant: Specializes in phosphate industry and focuses on the production of value-added products, particularly food and feed additives. Products are expanding in quantity and quality to meet the needs of the Kingdom and export in conjunction with the planned launch of the phosphate industry in the Kingdom.

ARASCO Food (Food or Foods?)

ARASCO Food is taking the lead of the rapid growing poultry industry in the Kingdom. It ranks third among the producers of the country though founded only six? years ago. Its market brand (Entaj) represents its premium product with a production of more than 43 million birds per annum.

Further, it owns the latest and most environment friendly Islamic slaughterhouse in the region and is the only slaughter house adopting a unique poultry air freezing process in the Kingdom. ARASCO aims at raising its production capacity up to 120 million birds annually, and is internationally certified according to the quality certificates ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2000.


ARASCO Corn Products exclusively processes corn products (Starch & Glucose) in KSA and the Arab Gulf, by using the latest global technologies with a grinding capacity of 115,000 metric tons per annum. This cutting-edge plant is keen mainly on the products' quality. It holds the food quality certificate ISO 22000:2005. ARASCO Corn Products has a wide and powerful presence in the Gulf markets and some other markets in the Arab world.


IDAC operates the largest laboratories equipped with the latest scientific and analytical technologies at the Middle East level. It plays a pioneer role in raising quality and safety standards of products in the food and animal sector in the Kingdom  through delivering innovative technical services, integrated solutions and analytical and consulting services supported by global and local credentials as ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 17025 .

Al Emar International

Al Emar International is the biggest importer and distributor of agricultural production inputs (Agriculture raw materials) with a 30% market share in the Kingdom. It includes fertilizers, preservatives and nutrients. It also provides all agricultural services and advices which secure the local farmers to obtain the best results of the latest modern agriculture technologies. This unit operates as ARASCO's arm to implement its mission in supporting the food security and rationalization of water consumption in the Kingdom. Why isn’t Al Emar’s veterinary side mentioned?

ARASCO Logistics

ARASCO Logistics delivers integrated logistics solutions to all SBUs as well as other clients. ARASCO owns through this unit, one of the largest land transport fleet in the Kingdom including 200 trucks and 180 railway trailers, all of which work according to accurate coordination with the railways in the Kingdom. Further, this unit delivers load and discharge services. It is the contractor operating King Abdulaziz Port, Dammam. This unit also operates a silos system with a capacity of 140,000 tons at the Port and the discharge of large consignments at Berth 37 at King Abdulaziz Port, Dammam.


ARASCO Enabler role in the food supply chain

SBUs Served Industries | Markets

ARASCO Feed - Agriculture Sector - ARASCO Feed - Animal Products

• Poultry Meat

• Eggs

• Dairy Food Products

• Red Meat

• Fish, Shrimp & others

Al-Emar - Agricultural Crops (veterinary?)

• Grain-based Food

• Fruits & Vegetables


Corn Products - Food Sector - Food Industry

• Sweets & Deserts


• Baked Foods

• Beverages

• Etc.

ARASCO Head Office

E-Mail: info@arasco.com

Telephone (966) 1 419 1933

Fax (966) 1 419 1520

Head Office: Suite No. 625, 6th Floor, Akaria Center # 2

Olaya Street, Riyadh

Postal Address:

PO Box 53845, Riyadh 11593,

Saudi Arabia


ARASCO Industrial Complex (Alkharj)

E-Mail: info@arasco.com

Telephone (966) 1 544 1270

Fax (966) 1 544 1270 Ext 4038

Kilo 40, Haradh Road, Alkharj

Postal Address:

PO Box 1784, Alkharj 11942

Saudi Arabia


ARASCO Industrial Complex (Dammam)

E-Mail: info@arasco.com

Telephone (966) 3 857 4024

Fax (966) 3 857 8093

Alkhobar Coastal Road

Near King Abdulaziz Port, Dammam

Postal Address:

PO Box 6977, Dammam 31452

Saudi Arabia

Toll Free:

8008 123 800 < this is dedicated for livestock feed only



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