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A Stunning Proposition for Investors

Enduring design considerations

Considers several parameters to create properties that endure, appreciates, and brings value to investors and other stakeholders alike. Some of our key considerations include: 

A Stunning Proposition for Investors/

Ease of Purchase

LaRa is the collective brand for a number of carefully situated and meticulously built low-rise properties. Each property shares not just the brand name, but also several identifying characteristics. Every LaRa property is instantly recognisable from the outside thanks to a distinctive contemporary façade.

The availability of credit lines and housing loans turns latent demand into a tangible investment opportunity. The Ministry of Housing is providing young Saudis with easy credit lines and mortgages to help them secure their homes.

The concept of LaRa is designed in response to a changing market, giving the brand first-mover advantage. A dynamic Saudi Arabia is seeing smaller, professional Saudi families looking for independent residences close to their workplaces and social communities

A Stunning Proposition for Investors

Partners with an Industry Track Record

LaRa’s principals offer a market track record of excellence in real estate project management,
execution and delivery.